Guide to gastro-pubs in Minsk


Guide to gastro-pubs in Minsk

Beer or piva
Looking for a place to grab good beer? We’ve drawn up a list of two dozen bars, cafes, and gastro-pubs in Minsk. 

Looking for a place to grab good beer? We’ve drawn up a list of two dozen bars, cafes, and gastro-pubs in Minsk. 

  1. Gambrinus Gastro-pub 

 2 Svabody Sq. (Плошча Свабоды, 2)

Located two steps away from the city hall, the gastro-pub Gambrinus is famous for its more than 100 different types of lagers, ales, stouts and many other types of beer from every corner of the globe, all under one roof. Despite the modest size of the menu, the restaurant offers the best European dishes to go with beer, as well as Belarusian cuisine’s tastiest offerings. Gambrinus will be happy to welcome you to one of its four completely different rooms, only one of which allows smoking. 

Average price for beer: 50 000  60 000 BYR., average price for a main dish: 200 000 BYR 

+375 29 388 00 02

Open: 12:0024:00, and until 2:00 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 

  1. Staromestny Pivovar Restaurant 

 4 Hiercena St. (вул. Герцэна, 4), 21 Karła Marksa St. (вул. Карла Маркса, 21)

Both of the Staromestny Pivovar restaurants are located in the very heart of Minskon Hiercena and Marksa streets. The beer on tap is brewed exclusively in house, and there are three choices: light, ruby, and dark. The menus here will tempt you with their large, filling Belarusian dishes, as well as the very drinkable house-made, unpasteurized (or “live”) beer, which you can only try at these restaurants. An exemplary Belarusian microbrewery. 

Average price for beer: 35 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 150 000 BYR 

4 Hiercena St.: +375 29 396 96 67

21 Karla Marxa St.: +375 44 500 74 44

Open: 12:0024:00, and until 2:00 on Friday and Saturday 

  1. Staroe Ruslo Restaurant 

 7 Uljanaŭskaja St. (вул. Ульянаўская, 7)

An old standard on the Minsk beer map, Staroe Ruslo restaurant is situated on the banks of the river Svisłač, not far from Dynama Stadium. Besides Beaver, a popular Belarusian unpasteurized beer in Minsk , offered here as lager or as wheat beer, you can also try Czech Gambrinus or Latvian Dinaburg in this restaurant. This was one of the first places in Minsk to start grilling food on the barbecue, and you can still try this now. There are pork , beef, chicken and even mushroom kebabs. On weekends the restaurant is open late into the night, and there’s live music, usually cover bands.

Average price for beer: 40 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 150 000 BYR 

+375 29 345 33 33

Open: MondayThursday 9:001:00, Friday 9:003:00, Saturday 12:003:00, Sunday 12:001:00 

  1. Gvozd’ Restaurant 

 5 Hikała St. (вул. Гікала, 5), 65 Cimirazieva St. (вул. Ціміразева, 65)

Never-ending merriment with loud music and terrific beer is perhaps the best way to sum up the atmosphere of the Gvozd' gastro-pubs, both of which are a bit removed from the city center. The restaurants offer a large selection of beers on tap from England, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and other countries, while the menu consists of a large selection of succulent European and Belarusian dishes. The restaurants hosts festivals and beer celebrations, and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays there is live music. 

Average price for beer: 50 000 – 60 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 250 000 BYR 

5 Hikala St.:+375 29 606 03 97

65 Cimirazieva St.: +375 44 583 83 83

Open: 12:0024:00, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 2:00

  1. Rakaŭski brovar Restaurant

 10 Viciebskaja St. (вул. Віцебская, 10)

Rakaŭski brovar was one of the first gastro-pubs in Minsk. The beer on tap here is made in their own brewery, and when you enter the restaurant you’ll see two large tanks where beer is being made. Besides your standard light and dark beers, you can also try, Rakaŭskaje, the house semi-dark. The menu offers a wide selection of mostly Belarusian cold and hot dishes. 

Average price for beer:  40 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 200 000 BYR 

+375 44 733 93 39

Open: 12:00–24:00

  1. Bierkeller Restaurant

 12 Vajskovy Lane (завулак Вайсковы, 12)

Just a five minute walk from Minsk’s main thoroughfare, this German beer cellar is even more German than its authentically German counterparts. Bierkeller offers the best German beers, including Schlenkerla, Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner, and Gaffel-Kolsch, and the menu is sure to delight with its traditional dishes from Bavaria and other parts of Germany. The restaurant has a great tradition of periodically adding seasonal varieties from the best German breweries to its standard beer selection. 

Average price for beer: 60 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 250 000 BYR 

+375 44 588 83 33

Open: 12:0024:00, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 2:00   

  1. Carla Marla Pub

 6 Karła Marksa St. (вул. Карла Маркса, 6)

Carla Marla is a cozy pub located on one of the most popular streets in Minsk: Karła Marksa, just a five minute walk from the railway station or Niezaležnasci (Independence) Square. Despite its designation as a pub, the interior of the establishment is decorated in light creamy shades. The most popular beer in the world is offered on tap: Harp, Guinness, Gambrinus, and Kilkenny. Other than your typical beer snacks, the menu also has a grill section. Carla Marla also boasts one of Minsk’s largest selections of whiskey from Ireland, Scotland, and the USA.

Average price for a beer: 55 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 200 000 BYR 

+375 29 368 22 22

Open: 12:0024:00

  1. Dobra Pivnica Pub

  8 Maskoŭskaja St. (вул. Маскоўская, 8) 

This is the first, and so far the only place in Minsk where you can try Plzensky Pivovar beer, brewed using Czech technology. The beer is produced by Baupivo, а private brewery in the village of Terebun’ outside of Brest. Here you can try four different types: wheat, light, semi-dark, and ale, the last of which you might be pleasantly surprised by. The interior design is an attempt to recreate a Czech pub in Minsk, and the bar is designed to resemble a beer factory. The menu is dominated by Eastern European and Belarusian cuisine. 

Average price for beer:  30 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 100 000 BYR

+375 44 592 24 76

Open: MondaySaturday 10:0023:00, Sunday 12:0023:00 

  1. U Ratushi Restaurant 

 1 Hiercena St. (вул. Герцэна, 1)

One of the most famous places in Minsk among foreigners, the U Ratushi gastro-pub is situated in the very center of the city. It is located in a historic building, and has been open for over a decade. There is a musical program every night, and the barmen behind the long bar counter can get you one of several different kinds of beer on tap, such as Harp, Guinness, Kilkenny, Paulaner, and several domestic brands. You can either sit in the comfortable pub-zone or at a table on one of the three stories. The cuisine here is very diverse, including Belarusian food as well as food from Germany, Austria, and Italy. What’s more, the menu offers a large assortment of food from the grill.

Average price for beer: 60 000 BYR, average price for a main course: 100 000 BYR 

+375 17 226 06 43

Open: 12:002:00

  1. Arka Beer Restaurant 

  38 Jakuba Kolasa St. (вул. Якуба Коласа, 38)

Arka is a pretty standard beer restaurant in Minsk, located 20 minutes outside the city center. The interior design, while fairly typical for a restaurant of this type, has its own unique elements. For example, when entering the restaurant you can’t help but notice the authentic antique car seemingly coming out of the wall.  Arka features around twenty different kinds of beer, both bottled and on tap. Besides wide-spread offerings such as Guinness, Paulaner, and Pilsner Urquell, the restaurant also offers beers that are more difficult to find in Minsk, such as Belgian Leffe and Hoegarden and Baltic Latgale and Dinaburg. Besides the restaurant’s focus on beer, its menu is fairly diverse, featuring not only typical beer snacks and main course, but also pizza and sushi. 

Average price for beer:  55 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 150 000 BYR

+375 29 397 69 76

Open: 12:0024:00, on Friday and Saturday until 2:00

  1. Clever Irish Pub

  5 Hikala St. (вул.Гікала, 5)

This is an Irish pub with live music on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and a large selection of alcoholic beverages. The menu comprises mostly Irish and continental food, but also features options from the grill. Besides your traditional Irish beers like Guinness, Harp, and Kilkenny, you can also find a huge assortment of whiskey, from the most common blended varieties to relatively rare single malts. This is one of the few places in Minsk that stays open on weekends until the last guest leaves. 

Average price for beer: 55 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 130 000 BYR 

+375 29 109 22 22

Open: MondayThursday 16:002:00, Friday from 16:00 until the last guest, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 until the last guest 

  1. Gaststätte 

 16 Revalucyjnaja St. (вул. Рэвалюцыйная, 16)

This three-room beer restaurant is situated in the historic center of Minsk: on Revalucyjnaja street. The restaurant’s design, which tries to replicate the design of classic German “gaststättes”, involves a large collection of beer steins: there are over 400 here. Some of the items on the menu are prepared on a wood-burning stove, including the grilled salmon, shank, and ribs. The beer menu includes German, Czech, Belgian, and local brews. There is Spaten München, Radeberger, Pilsner, Budweiser Budvar, Leffe, Hoegaarden, and the Belarusian Lidskoe. 

Average price for beer:  55 000 BYR, average price for a main course: 150 000 BYR 

+375 29 396 20 62

Open: 12:0024:00, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 2:00 

  1. People’s Restaurant 

 1 Kalvaryjskaja St. (вул. Кальварыйская, 1)

Very popular among young people, People’s brewery is famous first and foremost for the beer that the owners brew at their production base, and for its very affordable prices. The beer branded Taler is on tap at a few other Minsk establishments, but it’s the noisy People’s that is the signature restaurant of this small brewery. 

Average price for beer: 35 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 120 000 BYR 

+375 17 226 52 99

Open: 12:0024:00, Friday and Saturday until 2:00 

  1. Bochka Restaurant

 15 Smalenskaja St. (вул. Смаленская, 15)

Bochka pub, which opened its doors in the very beginning of 2014, has two floors and plenty of places to sit: about 170 seats. Despite its slight distance from the city center, this bar is not too hard to find: it’s located quite close to “Pralietarskaja” metro station. The bar doesn’t have a huge beer selection, and none of the choices are Belarusian: Kilkenny, Guinness, Paulaner, Leffe, and Hoegaarden. Bochka features the standard main dishes and European snacks for a beer restaurant: shank, ribs, wings, and meat from the grill. 

Average price for beer:  50 000 BYR, average price for a main course: 200 000 BYR. 

+375 29 129 99 99

Open: 12:0024:00, on Friday and Saturday until 2:00 

  1. Bierstrasse Restaurant and Pub

  40a Arłoŭskaja St. (вул. Арлоўская, 40a), 1 Hintaŭta St. (вул.Гінтаўта, 1)

Bierstrasse is the name of a pair of gastro-pubs in the northern and eastern parts Minsk, where the owners tried to create an atmosphere reminiscent of the Bavarian festival Oktoberfest. The waitresses, dressed in faux traditional German garb, can offer you a selection of roughly 20 bottled beers and 10 beers on tap, including Paulaner, Spaten, and Schofferhofer. The menu also has a Bavarian bent. 

Average price for beer:  60 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 150 000 BYR  

40a Arłoŭskaja St.: +375 44 721 33 33

Open: 12:0024:00, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 2:00 

1 Hintaŭta St.: +375 44 724 33 33

Open: MondayThursday 10:00–24:00, Friday 10:002:00, Saturday, 12:002:00, Sunday 12:00–24:00. 

  1. Vobla Pub 

  25 Janki Kupały St. (вул. Янкі Купалы, 25)

This pub, which is fairly new to the city, opened in the Spring of 2014 on the site of a former nightclub, and even appropriated some its unique features: the restaurant has music parties on weekends and is open 24/7. Nevertheless, the amount of beer offered means the name Vobla (the Russian word for a type of fish that goes well with beer) is not baseless; there are several varieties on tap, including Paulaner, Guinness, Kilkenny, Belgian Kriek, LondonPride, and three kinds of local beer. Vobla is a wonderful place for those who don’t just want to stop partying at midnight, they want to get even rowdier. 

Average price for beer: 55 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 170 000 BYR

+375 44 539 55 55

Open: 24/7

  1. Life pub

 34 Kamsamolskaja St. (вул. Камсамольская, 34)

A little French pub on a square in the city center with a small steak menu, including beef steaks with various vegetable sides, standard or XXL spring-chicken steaks, as well as pork and veal steaks. The beer list here isn’t large, and only the most famous European brands make it: Czech Kozel, Irish Guinness and Kilkenny, and German Paulaner. The pub often broadcasts sporting events, for which purpose there are several wide-screen T.V.s on the walls. 

Average price for beer:  60 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 170 000 BYR 

+375 29 134 93 49

Open: 12:001:00 

  1. Drozhzhi Cafe 

 50 Surhanava St. (вул. Сурганава, 50) (on the 2nd story) 

Drozhzhi is one of Minsk’s pioneer pubs. The first restaurant in this chain is currently closed for renovations, but the second on, on Surhanava 50, is open, and it’s just as noisy and merry there as ever. This roomy restaurant is arbitrarily divided into three zones: the pub zone, the restaurant section, and the VIP room. The interior is full of wood, souvenirs, and quirky pictures and posters. Beer offered includes selections from Germany, the Czech Republic,  Holland, and Belarus: Paulaner, Czech Pilsner Urquell, Velkopopovicky Kozel, and Belarusian Zlaty Bazant. The menu features both German and Belarusian dishes. On Friday and Saturday evenings there is live music. 

Average price for beer:  60 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 150 000 BYR 

+375 44 791 93 91

Open: 9:002:00 

  1. Jamaica Gastro-pub and sports bar 

  10 Alšeŭskaha St. (вул. Альшэўскага, 10)

The restaurant/ brewery Jamaica is rightfully considered one of the best sports bars in the capital. Three big projectors and several televisions are placed over the bar in such a way that you can get a good view of the screen from anywhere in the room. Jamaica is one of the first places to start brewing its own beer. There are several types, all under the Bierbank label: light Protsentnoe, dark Rublevoe, and semi-dark Rubinovoe. Sometimes the bar has other house brews on tap, such as the smokey Fabrichnoe, or Porter. The bar’s kitchen doesn’t have any pretensions of grandeur; it offers your standard beer snacks and hot dishes. 

Average price for beer:  38 000 BYR, average price for a hot dish: 150 000 BYR 

+375 29 650 01 08

Open: MondayThursday 14:003:00, Friday 14:005:00, Saturday and Sunday 12:005:00 

  1. Pinta Pub 

  16 Biersana St. (вул. Берсана, 16)

A little corner of the USSR in the heart of Minsk allows you to wax nostalgic for times gone by while surrounded by old posters, furniture, and interior appliances from Soviet times. The bar has a nice summer terrace, and the beer here is exclusively Belarusian: three kinds of unpasteurized Taler, as well as three kinds of Lidskoe. We must point out that this bar boasts some of the lowest prices both for beer and for main dishes.

Average price for beer:  27 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 100 000 BYR 

+375 29 397 78 95

Open: 12:002:00 

  1. Pub No. 7

 7 Jana Čačota St. (вул. Яна Чачота, 7)

An Irish pub named after the number of its building, 7 Čačota Street, it is located in the south-west of the city, in the Brylevičy neighborhood. The pub features a typical design for these types of establishments, with a lot of dark-green tones, and a typical assortment of beer for an Irish pub: Guinness, Harp, and Kilkenny. The menu has a large selection of sandwiches and burgers, including beef, chicken, and fish. This pub often plays host to theme parties and beer festivals.

Average price for beer: 60 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 80 000 BYR 

+375 29 393 61 66

Open: 9:00 until the last guest leaves 

  1. Istoriya Restaurant

 20 Pieršy Zaharadny Lane (Першы Загарадны завулак, 20)

Istoriya restaurant is located near “Maładziožnaja” metro station, on the ground floor of the Silvertower business center. The restaurant is notorious for its loud parties, which usually star Minsk cover-bands. The food here isn’t from any particular culinary tradition: you can order steaks, pasta, sausages, and Belarusian cuisine. The beer is also from various places: the Czech Republic, Germany, Belarus, and others. The place has been a favorite haunt of Minsk sports fans for a long time, since the owners try to broadcast every important hockey and football event.

Average price for beer:  40 000 BYR, average price for a main course: 100 000 BYR 

+375 44 444 44 47

Open: 12:0023:00, Friday and Saturday until 2:00 

  1. Arbat Restaurant and Brewery

 143/1 Niezaležnasci Av. (пр-т Незалежнасці, 143/1)

Walking into Arbat Restaurant, which is located just a minute’s walk from one of the metro stations in the Eastern part of the city, you would hardly think that this is a beer place – the interior is so unusual. But this isn’t simply a beer place, this is a restaurant and brewery with its own house-made beers: there is a brewery in Arbat’s basement, where three sorts of beer are made using Austrian technology: lager, weiss, and red ale. There are plenty of places in this restaurant, and the menu offers Belarusian and European dishes for very reasonable prices, some of which are even prepared in a traditional stone oven. Despite the rather pretentious interior, Arbat is a decent place to grab a drink, especially considering the commendable quality of the signature beer.

Average price for beer:  33 000 BYR, average price for a main dish: 100 000 BYR 

+375 17 399 90 00

Open: 12:0024:00, Friday and Saturday until 3:00

  1. Stary Horad Cafe

 19 Maksima Bahdanovičа St. (вул. Максіма Багдановіча, 19)

Stary Horad cafe, well hidden in the Trajeckaje District (Trajeckaje Pradmiescie), comprises three floors of a historic building, and when it’s warm there is also a summer terrace on a beautiful balcony and in the courtyard. The food here is exclusively Belarusian, but the menu is reasonably large, with several types of meat, fish, poultry, vegetable platters, and kebabs on offer. They have several types of Taler and Lidskoe beer for absolutely unbelievable prices: around 20 000 BYR for 0.5 liters. The menu items are also very inexpensive by Minsk standards: around 80 000 BYR for a main dish. 

+375 44 789 34 64

Open: 12:0024:00, Friday and Saturday until 2:00 

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